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2022-23 Grimmer Academy for Independent Learning (GAIL) for 1st-5th Grade
Posted 8/5/22

Grimmer Academy for Independent Learning (GAIL)

2022 - 2023 School Year

Program Overview

Grimmer Academy for Independent Learning (GAIL) is the District’s new, in-person Independent Study program for students in first through fifth grade. The program offers engaging learning tailored to an independent model of instruction and learning. 


GAIL will assign students to teachers who will serve as the primary educational support for students. Students in grades 1st-3rd will meet remotely daily for a synchronous lesson and twice a week, in-person, with the teacher to provide individual support and monitor the student’s progress with the online curriculum. Students in 4th and 5th grade will have a daily “live interaction” online and will meet twice a week, in-person, with the teacher to provide instructional support and monitor student progress with the online curriculum. In order to ensure the validity and secure format of assessments, students will take all tests in person during their check-in meeting with their supporting teacher. Daily support for student learning will be the responsibility of an adult at home. This includes, but is not limited to, assuring the student remains engaged in the work and completes all assignments and providing technical support if needed when using the online learning platform. Instruction is delivered through engaging synchronous lessons along with independent student work through the online courseware. 


Independent study programs are an opportunity for students who:

  • Are academically independent, needing little to no instructional support.
  • Are motivated and have strong time management skills.
  • Are comfortable with less daily social interaction.
  • Recognize that they will not have access to in-school extracurricular such as intramural activities/sports and publications, such as school pictures/yearbooks.

Students will apply for GAIL via a registration form. The completed form will be sent to the principal. The principal will set up Orientation meetings in early August. Students who are accepted into the program may lose their seat at their home school. When a student exits the program they will be assigned to a school site with space.

FUSD is committed to meeting the needs of all students. We reserve the right to adjust the size and the scope of the program if needed. If more students apply than there are spaces available, the following process/criteria will be followed in sequence:

  1. If more students apply for the program than there is space to accommodate, all names will be placed in a lottery and students will be chosen randomly until all seats are filled. 

  2. After all seats are filled, students will be placed on a waitlist. 

GAIL Program Expectations

  1. Orientation will begin in early August. The orientation meeting will occur in-person at the Grimmer campus. During the Orientation, an Independent Study Agreement must be signed. The Agreement must be completed before the first day of school.
  2. Participation in the program is a year-long commitment, however, transfers back to in-person instruction will be allowed at the trimester, once a parent-educator-administrator conference is held. If there is a request to leave the program before the end of the trimester, a parent-educator-administrator meeting will be held and placement will be determined at that time. If a return to in-person is determined to be the appropriate placement, the district will have 5 days to find a seat at an elementary site within the district.
  3. Students with Individualized Education Plans (IEP) must hold an IEP meeting to meet and discuss the option of independent study and ensure a least restrictive environment. A change to an independent study placement must be written into the IEP before the student can be enrolled.
  4. Students enrolled in an Immersion or Science Magnet program will have the opportunity to apply to GAIL, however, they will not be provided Immersion or Science Magnet curriculum or instruction, as GAIL is not an Immersion or Science Magnet program. Those programs are designed to be taught in a school setting that is an all encompassing environment. If an Immersion student chooses to enroll in GAIL and they want to return to the Immersion program, they will have to be reassessed to get back in the program. Enrollment back into the Immersion program will also be based on space availability. 
  5. As the parent/guardian, you acknowledge that this independent learning program is a good fit for your child. We strongly believe that students with the following qualities will have greater success in the program:
    • Intrinsically motivated
    • Works independently
    • Organized
    • Ability to effectively manage time
    • Ability to clearly communicate orally and in written format
    • Ability to self-advocate
  6. If a student reaches the threshold of incomplete assignments, attendance, or engagement as listed in the Independent Study Agreement, a meeting will be scheduled between the teacher, administrator or admin designee, and parent/guardian to evaluate whether the student may continue in the independent learning academy.

  7. Students will follow the same attendance expectations as the in-person program. Students must be living within the boundaries of the Fremont Unified School District. GAIL is not intended to support students who are traveling, for short or long term, or students who reside in other cities, counties, or countries. Students shall participate in live interaction and synchronous instruction pursuant to Section 51747 on each school day, as applicable, in whole or in part, for which live interaction or synchronous instruction is provided as part of the independent study program. A pupil who does not participate in scheduled live interaction or synchronous instruction shall be documented as non-participatory for that school day for purposes of pupil participation reporting and tiered reengagement pursuant to Section 51747.

  8. Students attending GAIL will follow the same calendar and bell schedule as the school site the academy is located.


Contact Director of Elementary Education Robin Sehrt at, or (510) 659-2596.