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Reading Smarter Balanced Reports

Results of our students’ Smarter Balanced Assessments will be released in the coming weeks. The scores will tell you how your child is doing under Common Core, the updated learning standards for math and English language arts. These standards focus more on real-world skills like critical thinking and problem solving. 

We’ll send your child’s results in a Student Score Report. Students will receive an overall score for each subject, ranging from 2,000 to 3,000. This score shows if students met, did not meet or exceeded expectations for their grade. The second page of the report includes a further breakdown of that score, providing individualized information on your child’s academic strengths and potential challenges. This short video explains why testing student progress is important. 

The new assessments are fundamentally different from the old tests, so you shouldn’t try to compare these results with your child’s previous scores—they’re measuring different things. These results are a starting place for a detailed record of your child’s progress through school, which will help you, and our school, give them the support they need to succeed. This year’s tests establish a baseline, so the results won’t be used to determine if your child moves on to the next grade. Read more about the Score Reports at the California Department of Education website.